Save your Planet, Save your Wallet


Do you want to save the world? Do you want to save money? Do I even need to say more? Since you probably answered yes to the first two questions, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a tree-hugging hippie or just looking for a couple tips to save money, Greensave is full of innovative ideas that demonstrate the do’s and dont’s of green living on a budget. Considering many of these products are one time purchases that will save you money for years to come, it’s easy to see that what’s good for the planet is almost always good for your wallet- and your body for that matter! A sustainable lifestyle entails fewer harsh chemicals, products that are better for you and the ecosystem, as well as tons of budget-cutting tricks. Here at Greensave, we do the research so you don’t have to. We are dedicated to the renewal of Earth’s dwindling biodiversity as a result of human consumption. We are passionate about making a positive difference and hope to serve as a guide for those seeking to heal themselves, their spirits, and this planet without taking a major hit to their bank account.

To get started, select on any of the above tabs that are applicable to your or your loved ones. Below you will find what to expect from each category.

    • Basics: New to sustainable living? Browse this category to find sustainable alternatives for everyday living
    • Home: Homeowners, renters, landlords, and property-managers alike, this category is sure to provide you with simple and unique ways to improve your home and yard
    • Out & About: This tab is for pretty much any time you leave the house; It’s got all of your eco-friendly substitutions whether you’re going for a rigorous five mile hike or simply running errands
    • Office: Whether you work in an office or you run one, this option is full of items that you can take with you to work, ways to “green” your personal desk or office, as well as strategies to use when trying to convert an entire building to be more environmentally and economically friendly
    • School: From Pre-K through University life, this tab has tons of “eco-tips” for saving money on school lunches, back-to-school clothes, and textbooks
    • Self care: If you’re looking for reusable cosmetic tools, cruelty-free makeup, and/or DIY masks and serums, this tab will answer your prayers with dozens of products and concoctions that are sure to reduce chemical exposure and promote sustainable self-care
    • Kids: As every parent knows, supporting your little one(s) can be pricey, but there are dozens of ways to save your money for more practical things- like a college fund or that bottle of wine you oh-so-deserve
    • Pets: Here you will find reasons to adopt your pets from a shelter, sustainably sourced shampoos, recipes for all purpose cleaners, and eco-friendly toys for your furry friend
    • DIY: These posts contain at least one idea for a DIY project that is sure to save some green
    • Shop: Anytime a post contains a link to a green product that is available for purchase, it will show up here

While browsing, you may notice that many of our posts appear in multiple categories. That’s simply because many of these green techniques can be applied to multiple aspects of life- some of which I might not have thought of. If you find yourself coming up with other ways to apply these products and techniques, please do not hesitate to leave comments or send in submissions. So what are you waiting for? Go start saving!